Trellorising Projects and Life

Yep, it feels like the right time to dive into some better task/todo management for myself as well as some key projects I am hurling more energy into. There are sooo many techniques and tools out there to help with such things - but after a little researching I decided to give Trello a go.

I had used Trello a little bit before but hadnt done the setup or been driving things along. I like the Atlassian gang and Trello has some really nice drag'n'drop casualness to it that is really appealing. Trello is super flexible in how you want to use it for tracking tasks. I would go as far as saying it is too flexible - I recreated the logic for tracking the Startup MM project and my Oinkfrog work along with all my Home bits several times in different ways because of this. I think it is probably still a strength, the logic for how you want to use Trello is this very personal to you - just have the bits you really want and dont worry about the rest.

So, in the hopes that this config might be helpful to others I thought I would share my setup and experiences so far. If what I have continues to work I will publish a template for everyone to use - that seems sensible.

My Trello Logic

So the top level of Trello is Teams, just include everyone who you are collaborating with right in there - that's simple enough. Then I am using a Board, I like having more than one thing per Board - so I have one for everything Oinkfrog and Home related and another for the MM Startup as it has other collaborators. Then I setup Lists (columns) as per the image = Streams, Future Tasks, Upcoming Tasks, Active Tasks, Priority Tasks, Repeating & Ongoing Tasks and Finally Completed Tasks. The Cards move from L-R from Future through various levels of activity and urgency right to the completed List at the end. We also have the more important ones at the top.

The other key thing then is the Labels setup which matches one for one the Streams List. Essentially the Streams are the categories of work and we then tag each Card with the relevant Label matching the Stream - simple. This then makes it simple to filter by Streams and/or users (which you should attach to Cards in group Boards)

I created templates for things like the Daily tasks which just have a simple checklist inside with the numbers from 1 to 31. Then just use the other Trello features like due dates, Checklists, Comments and so forth to add just enough detail to keep things moving along but not so much that you spend all day inside Trello!!!

I am also looking at Clickify (with Trello integration) and we also have Slack for communication too.


Ok all, here s a succulent inspired pic just n the nick of time for the festive season we are plunging into. I am enjoying this more painterly drawing in Photoshop, rather than the linework with colour beneath. It takes more time, but does have a more 'finished' feel too it.

I quite like noodling away at pics like this while having Twitch art or Youtube fun happening on the other monitor. I am slowly working my way through Critical Role interspersed with some Gold Squadron X-Wing too. I should really have been capturing the process as I went along - could even narrate over the top etc...

I would have finished this pic a bit earlier except for the lure of Dont Starve - loving this game atm...


I have had the privilege through several ongoing gaming groups of being able to try my hand at a variety of tabletop roleplaying game systems now. One that I have a real soft spot for is FATE from Evil Hat Games which brings together some wonderful narrative systems and is also quite malleable allowing it to run games for any genre and in a suite of styles to suit your gaming group and desires.

One of our groups is running FATE at the moment with the players being an 80s rock band that is discovering there is something dark about the place/power they have been drawing inspiration from. We are loving the rewind back to the 80s with all the cameos and music to draw upon.

I have had fun creating a suite of material for the game itself. Reference sheets and game packs and such. I used lots of artwork from the internet to lend extra 80s flavour to these so I dont feel comfortable sharing them - but just to give you an idea of what can be made for a game here is a spread.

One thing I can share is the revised character sheet! This one handles the variation on the rules for stress and consequences we are using and just fits in nicely with everything else we have going. The graphics here are all smokey instead reflecting the appearance of things in the muse-like world that the band refers to as the Eclipse. Feel free to use it if it works for you!

blank SMOKEFATE character sheet - feel free to download and use
blank SMOKEFATE charsheet

For those interested the Stress/Consequences variant we are using is:
All characters start with a HERO1 and HERO2 stress boxes with 2 more based directly on their Physique and Will scores. So if a character has a Physique of 1 and a Will of 3 then they get 2 more stress boxes at size 1 and 3. These all form one big stress pool and are backed up by the all the consequences shown. We are also experimenting with having REFRESH slide consequences down the scale etc - but the basic reduction in the amount of stress boxes amps up the stakes a little which is good.

Have fun out there with your RPGing!!

Succulents and Streamers

Setting out to transform what I do each day is no mean feat. The joy of learning and creating each day is super and the projects and opportunities all have potential - but there is no shortage of artistic stress in embarking on such a thing.

To help keep the spirits high, here is the first image in a series of Succulent related works from me. The intent is to turn them into a set of t-shirts, cards etc - maybe on Etsy or something similar. Anyhow, this is a relatively generic one, there are more quirky versions in works.

Part of the reason for posting this was that I had a real blast trying this more painting style for the image. I have been inspired by what I see on by the art community there and wanted to acknowledge people like Dave Greco. Dave's streams and youtube vids are super - they inspire as well as educate and I credit him for how nice my succulents look. There are many more streamers who are deserving of a mention, 2D artists like Shilin, Jesse Turner, Jim Lee and Oxcoxa plus some folk like Ana Carolina, Sinqnew and the zbrush stream scratch the 3D itch as well.

Taking up streaming feels like a bit hill to climb, but it might be something to explore. I guess this could apply to both the art side as well as the tabletop rpg play for that matter. Maybe I should start with some videos first, so expect to see something soon.

Anyhow, I hope the succulent makes you happy and I urge you to check out and support those creative art streamers!

Star Warsy Goodness

Yay, it's May the Fourth again and I am really loving being a Star Wars fan/nerd right now. It is certainly a rich time for the franchise across a whole range of media - so why don’t we take stock:

Film, Screen and Sound

We are super close now to the Solo movie, when I first heard about it I was super excited to see if we were going to get lots of Lando. It certainly looks that way, he was really cool in Rebels and I cant wait to see him in this. I don’t know what is coming, but I kind alike the idea that Lando 'lost' the Falcon to Han on purpose - maybe to pass some debt with the Hutts along or something. Anyhow a stellar cast with Ron Howard at the helm - "Buckle Up Baby"

I now have the bluray for The Last Jedi and have had it on in the background while sketching a few times already. I will have to properly watch all the special features though - one of the reasons I still get discs for some things. I am at least a full season behind of Star Wars Rebels, but I am really looking forward to being able to catchup and have the show timeline handoff to Rogue One. I loooove that film and I just may have watched it a great many times. Then we have Resistance to come which will explore the period before The Force Awakens.

Musically, Mr Williams, Giacchino and co are still triumphantly blaring out of speakers big and small for me as I write this, but we also have John Powell scoring Solo which should be wondrous, his previous work including How to Train Your Dragon should translate beautifully to a galaxy far far away…


Apart from it being an appropriate day for a post like this, the real impetus for writing was Fantasy Flight's announcement of X-Wing Second Edition (2E)! I freely admit I have purchased way more stuff for X-Wing than I have used, but the game is just so evocative of the actual space battles that it holds a very special place in my Tabletop Boardgame heart. So yes, we now get a revitalised 2E version with improvements across the board that are cool for play but also fascinating from a game design perspective. Check out these videos where we get to see an overview, actual play plus plenty of discussion on the design space of the game, why changes were made and more:




I think the reset for 2E will breathe a heap of new life into the game, unifying the game systems that were added with all those waves of new mechanics and bringing in more like the Force Powers. I am still keen to see whether a solo or co-op version might be officially supported as that would make the experience an even more friendly team one rather than a purely competitive one. Note that for people still wanting the 1E ships (earlier waves) Book Depository has them and for a great price too. Once I get to try the game I can post again on how 2E feels on the table, how evocative it might be...

Still on the tabletop we have a suite of games I am yet to try like Destiny, Legion, Rebellion, Imperial Assault etc plus the pretty cool RPG (Edge of the Empire etc) that I have all ready to play when it gets a shot at the RPG table.

Computer games are a little all over the shop. We still have The Old Republic (SWTOR) the long running MMO, Lego games and the shiny Battlefront2. I think the game is gorgeous and the campaign compelling and really pulls you into the whole Star Wars universe - I haven't played any other modes as yet. I think the community treated EA really unfairly but what can I do. I suppose when I say I really like the prequels that more internet-troll-fuelled-bile will be heaped my way. There are also the new VR/AR experiences where we get to wield lightsabers etc - haven't actually tried them yet - but they look like they would be pretty cool.


Over the Weekend the Powerhouse Museum here in Sydney has its Ultimate Fan Weekend event happening - I may even get to sit in an X-Wing! There is always more of course, the new theme park in the US, novels, comics and art that inspires!

How about we just finish with some Disney Infinity concept and design art via the Wikia page - I have a whole horde of these gracing the shelf next to me here - gorgeous:

Winter Sketch and Critical Role

I just did this little pic of Winter the Storm Druid, didn't quite come out the way I intended - but it is a pic none the less. He is my current character in our Tuesday D&D campaign and brings his affinity for nature and storms to all his druidity. I like tinting his healing with the spark and tingle of lightning which also matches the friendly-fire nature of much of the druidic spells in his arsenal.

I know I have been terribly hopeless in actually getting around to watching the splendour that is Critical Role. The actual play video or podcast from Geek and Sundry has been tempting for ages - seeing all the incredible fan art that swirls around the show each and every episode. It is inspirational stuff - HIGHLY recommended, I am just somewhat embarrassed that I have taken this long to start the binging!!

Tears of the Underdark

Our Tuesday night Tabletop RPG group is currently enjoying some D&D 5E and our little band of adventurers is going by the name of the 'Tears of the Underdark'. This is a suitably imposing title for our party and it has been fun proclaiming it on our arrival or spreading rumours of our talents etc. The world we are playing in is a conversion from Pathfinder, so the people in the land dont even know what on earth the underdark might be. I was tasked with making an emblem/symbol for us, so here it is. With detail it has the full name, at low-res the basic shape of T, U, hammer and dagger are all that is needed.

While creating this as well as working on my drawing of Winter (my storm druid character) I have had the Warcraft movie playing in the background. It is on Netflix atm, so I just have it on over and over again :) I am liking the movie more and more as it seeps into my being and it is luring me back to WoW, if only I had friends playing...


Sam, Glitterfrog and Blackboots

Another post for the trio of characters from our SotDL tabletop RPG game. I realised that my laptop (Razer Blade Pro) is showing everything SUPER intense so for regular screens and people the pic was all washed out from the previous post. Sooo here is a 1920x1080 version with some nicer colour/vibrance/saturation going on.

SotDL Characters

I have had a really fun time playing these characters in our filler SotDL tabletop RPG. The pic here is of Sam the Hero and his two 'imaginary' friends, pixies called Glitterfrog and Blackboots. We have had a great time putting ourselves into the zany minds of these fae creatures and their poor understanding of the normal world. They are fascinated with the mating practices of all these strange races, they like pretty things (including this blue frog that insists it is a human, an architect even). We have resorted to stealing eyes of a few bad guys and aiding our pet dwarf which we cant quite agree on his/her gender.

The character creation in SotDL has tables which inspire us to be even sillier than normal. My Blackboots is a cobbler for the royal court, the Pixie court for the Queen who we are playing as a bit like a queen bee - she is the mother of most pixies we know. We like being invisible, glowing and generally being very sneaky, tricky and mischievous. Sam and the Pixies we were just joined by a Serpent Person who had just escaped from an evil Mage, they struck it rick looting an ancient Serpent Tomb after the main heroes left it unguarded...

Anyhow, here is the final image and a set of  WIP images of the process to create this pic, all done in Photoshop on my Razer Blade Pro with my Wacom tablet.


RPG Update

I am currently blessed with Tabletop RPG goodness 2 nights a week, so that brings with it many revelations regarding systems, gameplay, narrative and fun - so why not take a look at some:

Apocalypse World 2E - The Hub

Our campaign just wound up last week and was pretty special in so many ways. We really have too many players (5 + GM) for such a character-centric narrative game, but that meant for plenty of intrigue and tension throughout even if not everyone could be involved all the time. AW can lead to the PCs being separated and it is something we players need to work hard at, to bring others into their scenes. Our characters all become really memorable through the campaign seasons, forging intersecting personal plotlines and along with the GM crafting a compelling story centred on our home in the post apocalyptic world created by the rogue nanobots we know as The Swarm. We fought on may fronts at The Hub - physical, social and the many threats arising from the chaos of the swarm and those who would link with it. My character was Domino, the Maestro D' and she sought love for herself and others wherever she could. Check out Mik's thoughts on his blog from the GMs perspective but I might call out one interesting thing that showcases just how cool RPGs can be.
Near the end of the campaign we met the approaching warlord who had become something of a swarm cult leader now demanding tribute in the form of souls from our home. Most of the characters left that meeting feeling he was evil and insane and were preparing to fight in various ways from assassination, armies battling or factional scheming - but Domino saw his fall as linked to the loss of his daughter and his mad attempts at redemption. So when she saw her chance to leave her comrades and try to find him this love again she took it - it was an epic end!

Mr Domino ran her train-car restaurant with everyone wearing suits, here is a reference-pic image including a design from Hero Forge - not that we need or used minis for AW.

Other Games

The other group is currently enjoying D&D 5E, with a few levels under our belts now. Winter is my storm druid, we have house-ruled him a little so he has a storm-form rather than changing into animals. This has limited effect, particularly at these lower levels, but does enhance the storminess of his spells which is fun.
Our Shadow of the Demon Lord game makes for fun filler when needed. I had so much fun playing our little pixies and the dwarf the other day that I am in the middle of drawing them up - stay tuned for that.
I GM'd a few sessions of Blades in the Dark which might be fun to continue as well.
Next week we are picking up our 13th Age characters from a while ago as we delve back into the Stone Thief. I think we might be starting off with my pregnant character in labour - eep.

I might leave a closer look at the systems and mechanics for another time, they all have their highlights and quirks worthy of covering at some point. Maybe I will just say that it is games and experiences like these, around a table with friends that make this hobby so incredible!

Business Cards

Yeah I know this isn't the most exciting post showing off animated 3D models whirling in VR, it is just my new business cards. That said, I haven't actually made OINKFROG cards before so this is actually pretty cool. I had fun playing with different layouts in Photoshop that incorporated the logo text as well as the key info that needs to be there. I ended up emphasising the ! again which seems to work along with the green and a nice EU4 tree and landscape for the background. For the print I ended up with a nice celoglaze front and plain white back (for writing on), I did look at round corners but didn't like the inconsistency of the test prints - so square it is.

If anyone wants a card designed now, I could give it a try for them too...

Website Respawn

Ok, the previous site didn't actually die or anything, but spending a suite of hours over the last few days migrating over to the new WordPress platform feels like a rebirth of sorts. I admit I had been skating along on the Blogger platform quite happily, but with the desire to create a more awesome web experience to represent what I do - it was time for a change...

So, after a bit of indecision I decided to go with a staple of web platforms that can certainly adapt to wherever I want to go in the future = WordPress. To get myself a headstart in that I also grabbed the Wezen theme which adds some nice effects straight off the bat. There is more sysadmin type work I still need to do, but I am alive as this first post on the new platform will attest.

As part of creating the new site I made a new logo for the OINKFROG brand with the ! being the most fun piece of the design

So check out the new site with its feeds, carousels, embeds and all the bloggy bits too

Riot Art Contest - Winners Abound

I am a huge fan of the work so many talented folk put into the creative contests out there on the mighty interwebs and the winners for the 2017 Riot Creative Contest on Polycount is a superb example.

With topics running the gamut of game creation from concept design through to skins and VFX that look game ready. I am usually most taken by the Character Art section as we get to see 3d models all textured up that present not only some wonderful design thinking but heaps of skills with a suite of tools to get the 3D work up there for us. I just love Gordo's Bard Chick Magnet as an example of this 'complete package' submission. Being able to visit the thread and see some of the lead-up work as well is all part of my admiration for the craft and the lure for me to really get into it. Michael's Leona is worth checking toooo.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised but perhaps my favourite category this time around was actually the VFX work. Every one of these I just cant help but watch over and over as they show off their craft using a variety of engines. This inspired me to have a real look at how on earth this is all done with wizardry of layered textures, cards and meshes all animated and warped through zany UVs to come together in dazzling displays of light and colour. Check out this work by Etienne, Matt and Yanni

There are several more categories, that you should check out, but I will leave off this droolpost with some Illustration pieces - essentially splash art for some of these groovy champs. All hail Nikita, Alexandra and Tinh:

Some Gungans

For some reason I seem to be enjoying doing some 2D things atm. I felt the urge to do something Star Wars ish - so how about some Gungans. I quite like them as a species and culturally there is good stuff there. I set out to make some 'cool' Gungans though, not so comical. Well that didn't work out, they still feel rather funny to me...

This was all done in Photoshop using my Razer Blade Pro and Wacom Intuos Pro. Initial sketch, inking layer, colour layer and a few shadow/highlight layers to finish off. So nothing too fancy...

Lizard Rock

This time I wanted to give Sketchable a try on my SurfaceBook, so a quick download later and I was doodling away. Things were going fine for a while with this rockin' lizard dude finding its way onto the virtual page. I gave up pretty quickly though as I would need to buy the proper/premium version to gt access to layers and more brush control etc.
I then brought my sketch into Photoshop and did the rest, you can see here the happy fellow feelin' the groove along with the initial sketch layer.


I am talking with my sister and nephew about their book idea - so I did this quirky little pic of a Dragonsnail as sort of concept art idea of a character that might slot into the text part - maybe around headings etc... The pic was a relatively simple affair done in Photoshop using my Wacom Intuos Pro connected to my nice new Razer Blade Pro. Going back to drawing in a different spot to where I am looking definitely took some re-getting used to. This relatively simple pic did take me longer than I wanted, but it's a cute little character that I was trying to keep gender neutral.

Some of the sketch layers for she/he were more complex, with much more intricate dragony features etc, but it was looking too serious and not cartoony enough - so I paired it back to here with simpler rounder shapes and a clean silhouette. I have a fairly dark and saturated background because the photos that the rest of the book will have the character might sit above, at least partially - so I wanted something that might actually be lighter than the backdrop - have to test that later. The idea of the characters even hiding in the photos came up - does she/he look stealthy??

Razer Blade Pro and some Kenchy Wallpaper

I splurged out on a beasty yet beautiful Razer Blade Pro late last year with the intent of using it as a catalyst for more 3D creative work as well as gaming when time allowed. Here is the machine sitting on my work desk (not really setup ideally) - brought it in to do some more Unity work and UE4 tutes.

So, what do I think of the RBP machine almost 2 month along now:

  • Design and Styling > This is a superbly pretty machine, it is clean and refined in much the same way as the classy gear from Microsoft and Apple. We have a chiselled black body which is so understated for a gaming machine that it really does stand out. Yes the keys are all glowy but it otherwise looks like just a cool machine. That said it is well and truly in the 17" laptop category, it is very thin and pretty light for this scale of device which is appealing. That said you shouldnt confuse this for a super-portable device - it is just more portable than other machines sporting this much firepower hidden within. Check their site to see more of how pretty it is:
  • Grunt and Performance > One of the key reasons to grab a machine like this is the performance. Wielding specs like these doesn't leave you wanting for much [Overclocked i7-7820HK, 32GB 2667Mhz DDR4, 1TB SSD RAID 0 (2x 512GB PCIE M.2 SSD), 17.3inch THX Certified 4K UHD G-Sync with Touch, Geforce GTX 1080-8GB, Killer DoubleShot Pro (E2500 GBLAN, Wireless AC 1535, BT4.1, HDCAM, Thunderbolt 3, 3.49kg, Win10 Home, Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Powered by Razer Chroma] It is certainly a treat being able to run things in 4K on Ultra - they just look so so pretty. I dont always run things that high, but the hardware certainly takes on gaming with no problem at all. With other tasks it is coping super well with a suite of applications running like a charm from Unity and UE4 to 3dsMax, zBrush and the Adobe suite.
  • Heating and Cooling > One of the things that all gaming laptops need to handle is HEAT, Razer may well have put some serious R&D into the cooling system hidden inside this slim body - but that is still far from enough to keep things cool. I run the machine propped up to get more air underneath and even run a fan beside me to help with that airflow. The laptop has only the two teensie fans, which compared to its larger cousins from other manufacturers is nothing. Sooo it DOES GET HOT! Hot enough to make the keyboard hard to use and several areas of the laptop too hot to touch. My measures (props and fans) are working though...
  • Screen, Speakers and Keyboard > The 4K screen is pretty nice, though I do adjust the settings on it for different things to get colours that I like. It is big and bright and just so nice to use for everything that I often ignore my external screen. The speakers are actually really good - use them lots when I don't have my fancy wireless Razer headset on. The groovy mechanical keyboard takes a little getting used to - but it is really nice to use. I freely admit that my gaming skills are so awful that the added benefit that a mechanical keyboard might bring is completely lost on me. Oh there is also the mousepad - which is off to the right hand side of the keyboard. This definitely takes some learning, your hands just move to the middle below the spacebar automatically (plus sorry you left handers).
  • Ports and More > There is a good array of ports around the machine, though having things like HDMI and USBC on the right hand side does feel a bit annoying with my mouse on that side as well. Warranty is one thing that I haven't tested yet, but it is a return to base kind of deal and that acts as a big deterrent for actually getting things fixed. For example I have the TOUCH on the screen turned off at the moment as I had a few times where it was going off all on its own - not worth the effort to send it away for that fix...
  • Thoughts and Recommendations > Ok, so if you just scrolled past all of that to here, what do I think. First up, I do really like this machine - it is overflowing with style and grunt and I am a proud owner of this beastie. That said it has a litany of real issues which are worth calling out: Really Expensive; Gets very hot under gaming load; No onsite warranty; Very noisy fans while gaming; Touch-screen issue etc. So where does that leave us - I do recommend the machine, but in this space the machines from Alienware and particularly Metabox are worth a close look if you are shopping!
So, what about this Wallpaper business then? I did this Pool Party Tahm Kench design in 2016 and it made me happy seeing it again - so I made some changes/fixes to get it to a Wallpaper for the machine :)
Tahm Kench is one of the champions from League of Legends (for those not in the know).
Here is the actual image if you would like a sunburnt river god on your desktop too...

Udacity Unity VR

I hadnt done much in Unity for quite a while and the GoogleVR tools are getting better all the time. So I dived in and worked through the Udacity VR intro course - to get more exposure to both their learning platform as well as the fun of VR and Unity.

The projects in the course go quite quickly, leaping through concepts and examples - like many of these things, to really learn the stuff we need to look at extra materials or do our own other projects etc. The images here are from some of the larger project assignments (one for an apartment and another for a more interactive maze environment).

I like UE4 lots as well, but it has been fun leaping about in Unity both the interface as well as all the C# scripts to make it all go. Like all creative/dev things there is a mixture of joy and frustration all mixed together.

There are a few projects in the wings that are likely be Unityish, so it feels good to be creating in it and actually getting things out, even if the assignments had pointers and starting points for things.

X-Wing Space Station Modelling

With all the extra space ships etc landing in my X-Wing collection and how great the asteroids look, I thought that modelling up a custom space station would be a cool next step. The idea was a modular station that could be assembled in a variety of ways to make it more interesting but also to perhaps better match various scenarios.

So I did a bunch of sketches while binging on Netflix then dived onto 3dsMax to start modelling them up. The goal is to 3D print the pieces, so that probably means the geometry need not be superb, but it is good practice. I am not sure how much detail I will be able to get with cheap 3D printing, but I wanted a decent amount of starwarsie looking detail on them without going too crazy. Since we are 3D printing we arent looking at smoothing and to keep things fast I opted not to go super high poly.

So here is the set thus far all modelled up:

For those interested, these screenshots show the geometry which took me quite a few nights to get done over the last few weeks. The level of detail on the actual ships is really high, plus the production gives us really thin elements that I am not going to get on a basic 3D printer. I am just going to test a print or two and see if it matches enough or if some significant post-print work apart from painting will be needed. I made a template model first which had the pole connectors, then from there went to town with poly modelling to create all the shapes and details

X-Wing Storage and a Raider

With the recent creation of my 3D asteroids for Star Wars X-Wing I knew I needed some sane way to store and transport them. Since they already had metal stands (for weight) I did a quick test on a fridge magnet to see if I could use that to hold them upright in a box. While the pull on them wasnt really what I hoped it seemed to be sufficient to keep them up and apart as long as I took care of the box - this would be part of my model collection so care would always be taken.

So I glued a big fridge magnet (a real-estate calendar from last year actually) to the bottom of a plastic box and hey presto asteroid storage:

While we are here, these photos show the storage boxes I am using to store all the rest of the bits and pieces. They have little compartments that are well sized for individual little ships and configurable for larger things too. These all pack very neatly into a shopping carry bag too.

On a related note, look at the marvel that came today! Yes the huge Imperial Raider set which not only comes with the closest thing to a Star Destroyer for the game but also a Tie Advanced, a suite of cards (including Palpatine and Tarkin) and a campaign of special missions as well. I mention it here specifically as my storage solutions will need to evolve to cater for this spectacular addition...

Apart from the addition of a few more ships when I find them on special, the next project I think will be the creation of a little space station that can hover over the tabletop. This will give the forces something to fight over and it can be an objective in itself with shields and hull plus a little turret. I have been sketching ideas that draw upon various geometries found throughout Star Wars (esp droids).

Oh and a good reference for painting and modelling posts for the game is on the FFG Forum