Digital Sculpting Inspiration via Supanova

I just did one full day of Supanova Sydney with another to come tomorrow - and as always it is a feast for the senses. There are crowds, cosplay, queues, vendors, artists, panels, games, famous folk and creators just getting their feet wet. One of the things that I love to see are the various figurines of our favourite heroes from screen, page and game sprinkled around and tempting my wallet to add them to the shelf. The League of Legends, Onepiece, WoW, Batman B/W and similar lines of figures are just so so good ... tips hat. Anyhow, I thought I would call out a few sculptors on Artstation that really inspire me to keep at learning zbrush and the craft in general. The stylised aesthetic appeals to me, so the Disney Infinity artists and their kin feature strongly here. Anyhow, I hope some of these groovy creators can inspire others toooo:

Julien Desroy (Artstation link)

Kontorn Boonyanate (Artstation link)

Ian Jacobs (Artstation link)

Luis Gomez-Guzman (Artstation link)

Brad Bolinder (Artstation link)

Gabriel Soares (Artstation link)

Matt Thorup (Artstation link)

Sierra and Spell Sketches

While binging on Netflix it can be nice to sketch away, I have been having fun doing so in my little sketchbooks and you can see here 2 of the pages joined together (just taking pics with my phone). Once again these are versions of my new little Dwarven Wizard in our 13th Age TTRPG game. I am still working on the cute dwarfiness as well as getting the fire, death and void from her living spell familiar going. I will have to spend some time ding a digital sketch for her as well as my D&D character too for that matter (Winter the Storm Druid)...


===== EDIT ADDING MORE =====

Just adding the version with the quick under-colouring to this post :)