One of the things I have been enjoying most is creating and 3D printing special pots with the intent that with some lovely succulents or similar plants added they will make for some unique presents/gifts for people. There are a swarm of ideas that might form part of this, but to get things started I have some pots with cute legs, with blobby bits, gems, hearts, tetris blocks, bows, plus rocky and cratered surfaces. I have some that can easily be personalised and even changing up the filament and the plants alters the feel of each design dramatically. The pots are generally sculpted in Zbrush, pass through 3ds Max then Cura before ending up on my Anycubic i3 Mega. Full credit for the plants goes to Susie who makes each pot and planter look just to gorgeous. I hope we can setup something on Etsy soon so anyone looking for something like this will have an easy way to dive in. In the meantime here are some pics showing off some of the creations we have so far:

Those pics are nice, but check out these luscious artier versions toooo: