Following on from my pic of Thrail I decided on a more comical view of our 13th Age tabletop RPG characters. So I set about trying my hand at some cute chibi versions of our party which is now level 7 and taking on greater and greater threats including the continuing evil of the Illithids.

Let me introduce these awesome characters, I will leave it to you to work out who is who:

  • Jim > Human Moonling turn Demonologist (ex-bard and not Azmodeus)
  • Zephyr > Air Genasi Monk (trained under shadow)
  • Thrail > Undead Mutant Dwarf turn NecroPriest with minion (ex-fighter)
  • Salar > Salamander Terrain Druid (dragonologist and world healer)
  • Zero > Mysterious Occultist (lost in time and space)
  • A Mind Flayer (he is sooo cute)
  • A distant Catastrophe Dragon

I am super happy with how this turned out, how fun it all looks and that I still managed to get in references to so many little pieces of the game too. I might actually get this thrown onto a t-shirt which on black would be more like this: