With our Spire RPG Campaign now wrapped up I wanted to create a full image to represent the characters and hint at some of the events that flavoured our fun. For those who dont know the second thing about Spire it is a relatively new Tabletop RPG from the creative brain of Grant Howitt along with Mary Hamilton and Chris Taylor. You can see more on their Rowan Rook and Decard site as well as the original Kickstarter page. While I didnt end up emulating Adirian Stone ‘s art for the pic, I did stick to a few colours, lots of straight lines and such to keep it at least reminiscent.

The whole thing was done in Photoshop using my Wacom Intuos Pro with the Razer Blade Pro providing the horsepower. The main characters were Yirick’e the Azurite (bottom left), Varyth aer Princess the Carrion Priest (mid left), Welvayas the Firebrand turned Lahjan, Kippax the Vermissian Sage (top right), Sir Eventide Knight of the Questing Cocks (mid right) and finally Yolent her new squire who was a PC for a bit following Varyth’s death. Several of these characters were sprinkled with abilities from other sources be that the Crimson Vigil, Demonology, Blood Witchery, the Grey Manor or the Steel Boned. Plus that is Sir Lionsmane in the centre there, an NPC who linked up in various ways with our campaign quite regularly – poor guy got the rough end of things over and over and over.

The intent now is to get T-Shirts made up with this on the front and our character names on the back (GM for Mik). I am also thinking of including a big block of keyword text like a tour t-shirt. Can serve as an extra reminder of the fun – maybe something like:

Spire RPG Campaign 2018/2019
World (Mik), Kippax (Tob), Sir Eventide (Cyb)
Welvayas Mlezzrr (Mar), Yirick’e Stellen (Jak)
Varyth aer Princess (Gra) and Yolent
Eiddolon Sky, Blood and Dust, The Ministry
The Vigil, Sunlight Collective, The Steel Boned
Red Row, The Hungry Deep, The Vermissian
Azurites, Carrion Priests, Firebrand, Lahjan
Temples, Soup Kitchens, Bars, Gods, Mistresses
Questing Cock Knights, Blood Witches, Demons
Gangs, Paladins, Rats, Gnolls, Dragons, Debts
Scheming, Kidnapping, Quests, Duels, Deals
Romance, Death, The Swan, Lionsmane, Kresh
Junkett, Veronique, Jeffex, Krolis, Greylor
Hides from Rainbows, Juasha, Mourns the 200
Jessamin, Cricket, Sonder, Kurtz, Drynn, Kraxl,
Theodosia and so much more.