Our 13th Age game has leapt way into the future following the demise of the previous party at the hands of some Illithid magic. This new party are all young again and struggling to get through Adventuring school and the special events being run for the benefit of various guilds and organisations looking for new recruits.

My new character is Sierra a chirpy Dwarven Wizard who has a shard of a now ancient living spell as her familiar. This old spell dates back several campaigns now in the same ‘world’ and was a horrific union of Fire, Death and Void which claimed the lives of the casters and was created without much thought for the collateral either. To reflect this I have been noodling away at some mechanics for it, not wanting to make things too complicated but still introducing it as a real threat/benefit/concern that flavours each fight. Here is the current version for those interested:

Ancient Shard of Apocalypse – Familiar bound to Sierra, lured in by Sorra’s old Ring
When the ESC Die hits 3, at the start of Sierra’s turn the Living Spell shoots out 3 beams of arcane wrath.
One will target a random nearby ally, the other two random nearby foes.
Randomly choose which one will strike an ally (including Sierra), note a random enemy could be hit twice.
Fire: Lev*D8 Fire damage + Lev ongoing Fire damage. (lev2 = 9 + 2ong dam)
Death: Lev*D6 damage and if the target was already staggered then the damage is a crit (lev2 = 7 or 14 dam)
Void: Lev*D4 damage and target loses Lev*3 initiative (Lev2 = 5 dam and -6 init)
Adventurer Feat: Arcane Binding: Sierra now counts as 2 allies when randomising, if she is hit then the next spell she casts goes off at one rank higher than prepared.

Finally here are some sketched of Sierra from the mini sketchbook combo’d together in photoshop. I need to work more on making her cuteness, power and dwarfiness come through equally and in a nice way – maybe time to start a digital painting…