I have posted a few times regarding the FATE game I ran for one of my TTRPG groups for a few months. I have such fond memories of the game now, overflowing as it was with 80s references. We had our climactic encounter with the Wraith Witches (the Bangles) and the Nostradamus Cult of the Eye they were part of- had a real blast. The party were an up-and-coming Aussie Rock/Pop sensation which drew in all the 80s music and other references as we went along. There we battles in the misty Muse-powered ‘Eclipse’ – a strange world of swirling mists which boosted their creative prowess and battles closer to home with family, friends and other complications.

I know I could have run the FATE mechanics better, but they certainly let/helped us weave a great little story centred around these cool characters. To celebrate those characters here is a quick sketch of (L-R) Leela, Steev, Jarman, Brock and Linke – collectively known by their band name Underdarq! The sketches are in my little sketchbook actually, so this pic is me assembling them together onto some dot-matrix paper and adding the band name: