Yep, it feels like the right time to dive into some better task/todo management for myself as well as some key projects I am hurling more energy into. There are sooo many techniques and tools out there to help with such things – but after a little researching I decided to give Trello a go.

I had used Trello a little bit before but hadnt done the setup or been driving things along. I like the Atlassian gang and Trello has some really nice drag’n’drop casualness to it that is really appealing. Trello is super flexible in how you want to use it for tracking tasks. I would go as far as saying it is too flexible – I recreated the logic for tracking the Startup MM project and my Oinkfrog work along with all my Home bits several times in different ways because of this. I think it is probably still a strength, the logic for how you want to use Trello is this very personal to you – just have the bits you really want and dont worry about the rest.

So, in the hopes that this config might be helpful to others I thought I would share my setup and experiences so far. If what I have continues to work I will publish a template for everyone to use – that seems sensible.

My Trello Logic

So the top level of Trello is Teams, just include everyone who you are collaborating with right in there – that’s simple enough. Then I am using a Board, I like having more than one thing per Board – so I have one for everything Oinkfrog and Home related and another for the MM Startup as it has other collaborators. Then I setup Lists (columns) as per the image = Streams, Future Tasks, Upcoming Tasks, Active Tasks, Priority Tasks, Repeating & Ongoing Tasks and Finally Completed Tasks. The Cards move from L-R from Future through various levels of activity and urgency right to the completed List at the end. We also have the more important ones at the top.

The other key thing then is the Labels setup which matches one for one the Streams List. Essentially the Streams are the categories of work and we then tag each Card with the relevant Label matching the Stream – simple. This then makes it simple to filter by Streams and/or users (which you should attach to Cards in group Boards)

I created templates for things like the Daily tasks which just have a simple checklist inside with the numbers from 1 to 31. Then just use the other Trello features like due dates, Checklists, Comments and so forth to add just enough detail to keep things moving along but not so much that you spend all day inside Trello!!!

I am also looking at Clickify (with Trello integration) and we also have Slack for communication too.