The wandering exhibition of Star Wars props, costumes, info and such is right here in Sydney at the moment and it was pretty wizard as they say. Star Wars Identities is on at our own Powerhouse Museum until June, so plenty of time to see all the cool stuff plus have fun creating your own character.

Let’s start with that bit then, through a series of 10 choices from your species and mentor to the events that shaped your life you mould a character for yourself in the SW universe. I went with 3 other people and here is a pic of us all standing proudly by our suspect choices at the end:

While that was lotsa fun and gives people another angle to engage with the material, the exhibition itself if full of priceless pieces of Star Wars history. We actually wondered how much some of these things might be worth if they were on the market – the mind boggles. How much would you pay for the original Han Solo frozen in Carbonite???

Along with all of this there were lots of original pieces of story boards, concept art and snippets of information regarding the development of the iconic characters. I love this view of the creative process, iterating on and merging ideas until the characters we know and love come into being.

Anyhow, I really loved it – might go again with other friends even…