I jut got my gorgeous new copy of the Magical Land of Yeld tabletop/tabletalk RPG by Nick Smith and Jake Richmond. I was hoping it would be pretty, but it is far beyond that, the paper and print quality has all the superb illustrations leaping off the page. The PDF is handy but I just love having the physical book for these sorts of things.

I got a piece of original Jake Richmond art as well (the Shepherd pic from the title page)! WOOT.

I haven’t had a chance to read through things yet and am not sure when I will get to play yet either, but it is wonderful to see an RPG like this, aimed at younger audiences perhaps, but still oozing with appeal for anyone. The classes/professions, the friend types, monsters, adventure logic and more all have aspects I would love to see play out on the table.

Anyhow, I just wanted to show off the book and encourage people interested to look at grabbing a copy of the main book or the expansion ‘Towns and Territories‘.
You can get the PDF via DriveThroughRPG and the expansion over at gofundme. I am not sure how/if you can get the book outside of the kickstarter, maybe there will be a print on demand option at some point?

Tangentially to this I am currently enjoying two RPG games a week, one as a player in our Spire game and one as GM for our FATE Core game. We have also played Shadows of the Demon Lord and D&D 5E in the last few months so we change it up in both groups which is cool.

Right now I am inspired by this enough to really try and squeeze more art out myself related to our RPG gaming – so stay tuned.