Setting out to transform what I do each day is no mean feat. The joy of learning and creating each day is super and the projects and opportunities all have potential – but there is no shortage of artistic stress in embarking on such a thing.

To help keep the spirits high, here is the first image in a series of Succulent related works from me. The intent is to turn them into a set of t-shirts, cards etc – maybe on Etsy or something similar. Anyhow, this is a relatively generic one, there are more quirky versions in works.

Part of the reason for posting this was that I had a real blast trying this more painting style for the image. I have been inspired by what I see on by the art community there and wanted to acknowledge people like Dave Greco. Dave’s streams and youtube vids are super – they inspire as well as educate and I credit him for how nice my succulents look. There are many more streamers who are deserving of a mention, 2D artists like Shilin, Jesse Turner, Jim Lee and Oxcoxa plus some folk like Ana Carolina, Sinqnew and the zbrush stream scratch the 3D itch as well.

Taking up streaming feels like a bit hill to climb, but it might be something to explore. I guess this could apply to both the art side as well as the tabletop rpg play for that matter. Maybe I should start with some videos first, so expect to see something soon.

Anyhow, I hope the succulent makes you happy and I urge you to check out and support those creative art streamers!