I have had the privilege through several ongoing gaming groups of being able to try my hand at a variety of tabletop roleplaying game systems now. One that I have a real soft spot for is FATE from Evil Hat Games which brings together some wonderful narrative systems and is also quite malleable allowing it to run games for any genre and in a suite of styles to suit your gaming group and desires.

One of our groups is running FATE at the moment with the players being an 80s rock band that is discovering there is something dark about the place/power they have been drawing inspiration from. We are loving the rewind back to the 80s with all the cameos and music to draw upon.

I have had fun creating a suite of material for the game itself. Reference sheets and game packs and such. I used lots of artwork from the internet to lend extra 80s flavour to these so I dont feel comfortable sharing them – but just to give you an idea of what can be made for a game here is a spread.

One thing I can share is the revised character sheet! This one handles the variation on the rules for stress and consequences we are using and just fits in nicely with everything else we have going. The graphics here are all smokey instead reflecting the appearance of things in the muse-like world that the band refers to as the Eclipse. Feel free to use it if it works for you!

blank SMOKEFATE character sheet - feel free to download and use
blank SMOKEFATE charsheet

For those interested the Stress/Consequences variant we are using is:
All characters start with a HERO1 and HERO2 stress boxes with 2 more based directly on their Physique and Will scores. So if a character has a Physique of 1 and a Will of 3 then they get 2 more stress boxes at size 1 and 3. These all form one big stress pool and are backed up by the all the consequences shown. We are also experimenting with having REFRESH slide consequences down the scale etc – but the basic reduction in the amount of stress boxes amps up the stakes a little which is good.

Have fun out there with your RPGing!!