Yay, it’s May the Fourth again and I am really loving being a Star Wars fan/nerd right now. It is certainly a rich time for the franchise across a whole range of media – so why don’t we take stock:

Film, Screen and Sound

We are super close now to the Solo movie, when I first heard about it I was super excited to see if we were going to get lots of Lando. It certainly looks that way, he was really cool in Rebels and I cant wait to see him in this. I don’t know what is coming, but I kind alike the idea that Lando ‘lost’ the Falcon to Han on purpose – maybe to pass some debt with the Hutts along or something. Anyhow a stellar cast with Ron Howard at the helm – “Buckle Up Baby”

I now have the bluray for The Last Jedi and have had it on in the background while sketching a few times already. I will have to properly watch all the special features though – one of the reasons I still get discs for some things. I am at least a full season behind of Star Wars Rebels, but I am really looking forward to being able to catchup and have the show timeline handoff to Rogue One. I loooove that film and I just may have watched it a great many times. Then we have Resistance to come which will explore the period before The Force Awakens.

Musically, Mr Williams, Giacchino and co are still triumphantly blaring out of speakers big and small for me as I write this, but we also have John Powell scoring Solo which should be wondrous, his previous work including How to Train Your Dragon should translate beautifully to a galaxy far far away…


Apart from it being an appropriate day for a post like this, the real impetus for writing was Fantasy Flight’s announcement of X-Wing Second Edition (2E)! I freely admit I have purchased way more stuff for X-Wing than I have used, but the game is just so evocative of the actual space battles that it holds a very special place in my Tabletop Boardgame heart. So yes, we now get a revitalised 2E version with improvements across the board that are cool for play but also fascinating from a game design perspective. Check out these videos where we get to see an overview, actual play plus plenty of discussion on the design space of the game, why changes were made and more:




I think the reset for 2E will breathe a heap of new life into the game, unifying the game systems that were added with all those waves of new mechanics and bringing in more like the Force Powers. I am still keen to see whether a solo or co-op version might be officially supported as that would make the experience an even more friendly team one rather than a purely competitive one. Note that for people still wanting the 1E ships (earlier waves) Book Depository has them and for a great price too. Once I get to try the game I can post again on how 2E feels on the table, how evocative it might be…

Still on the tabletop we have a suite of games I am yet to try like Destiny, Legion, Rebellion, Imperial Assault etc plus the pretty cool RPG (Edge of the Empire etc) that I have all ready to play when it gets a shot at the RPG table.

Computer games are a little all over the shop. We still have The Old Republic (SWTOR) the long running MMO, Lego games and the shiny Battlefront2. I think the game is gorgeous and the campaign compelling and really pulls you into the whole Star Wars universe – I haven’t played any other modes as yet. I think the community treated EA really unfairly but what can I do. I suppose when I say I really like the prequels that more internet-troll-fuelled-bile will be heaped my way. There are also the new VR/AR experiences where we get to wield lightsabers etc – haven’t actually tried them yet – but they look like they would be pretty cool.


Over the Weekend the Powerhouse Museum here in Sydney has its Ultimate Fan Weekend event happening – I may even get to sit in an X-Wing! There is always more of course, the new theme park in the US, novels, comics and art that inspires!

How about we just finish with some Disney Infinity concept and design art via the Wikia page – I have a whole horde of these gracing the shelf next to me here – gorgeous: