I have had a really fun time playing these characters in our filler SotDL tabletop RPG. The pic here is of Sam the Hero and his two ‘imaginary’ friends, pixies called Glitterfrog and Blackboots. We have had a great time putting ourselves into the zany minds of these fae creatures and their poor understanding of the normal world. They are fascinated with the mating practices of all these strange races, they like pretty things (including this blue frog that insists it is a human, an architect even). We have resorted to stealing eyes of a few bad guys and aiding our pet dwarf which we cant quite agree on his/her gender.

The character creation in SotDL has tables which inspire us to be even sillier than normal. My Blackboots is a cobbler for the royal court, the Pixie court for the Queen who we are playing as a bit like a queen bee – she is the mother of most pixies we know. We like being invisible, glowing and generally being very sneaky, tricky and mischievous. Sam and the Pixies we were just joined by a Serpent Person who had just escaped from an evil Mage, they struck it rick looting an ancient Serpent Tomb after the main heroes left it unguarded…

Anyhow, here is the final image and a set of  WIP images of the process to create this pic, all done in Photoshop on my Razer Blade Pro with my Wacom tablet.