I am currently blessed with Tabletop RPG goodness 2 nights a week, so that brings with it many revelations regarding systems, gameplay, narrative and fun – so why not take a look at some:

Apocalypse World 2E – The Hub

Our campaign just wound up last week and was pretty special in so many ways. We really have too many players (5 + GM) for such a character-centric narrative game, but that meant for plenty of intrigue and tension throughout even if not everyone could be involved all the time. AW can lead to the PCs being separated and it is something we players need to work hard at, to bring others into their scenes. Our characters all become really memorable through the campaign seasons, forging intersecting personal plotlines and along with the GM crafting a compelling story centred on our home in the post apocalyptic world created by the rogue nanobots we know as The Swarm. We fought on may fronts at The Hub – physical, social and the many threats arising from the chaos of the swarm and those who would link with it. My character was Domino, the Maestro D’ and she sought love for herself and others wherever she could. Check out Mik’s thoughts on his blog from the GMs perspective but I might call out one interesting thing that showcases just how cool RPGs can be.
Near the end of the campaign we met the approaching warlord who had become something of a swarm cult leader now demanding tribute in the form of souls from our home. Most of the characters left that meeting feeling he was evil and insane and were preparing to fight in various ways from assassination, armies battling or factional scheming – but Domino saw his fall as linked to the loss of his daughter and his mad attempts at redemption. So when she saw her chance to leave her comrades and try to find him this love again she took it – it was an epic end!

Mr Domino ran her train-car restaurant with everyone wearing suits, here is a reference-pic image including a design from Hero Forge – not that we need or used minis for AW.

Other Games

The other group is currently enjoying D&D 5E, with a few levels under our belts now. Winter is my storm druid, we have house-ruled him a little so he has a storm-form rather than changing into animals. This has limited effect, particularly at these lower levels, but does enhance the storminess of his spells which is fun.
Our Shadow of the Demon Lord game makes for fun filler when needed. I had so much fun playing our little pixies and the dwarf the other day that I am in the middle of drawing them up – stay tuned for that.
I GM’d a few sessions of Blades in the Dark which might be fun to continue as well.
Next week we are picking up our 13th Age characters from a while ago as we delve back into the Stone Thief. I think we might be starting off with my pregnant character in labour – eep.

I might leave a closer look at the systems and mechanics for another time, they all have their highlights and quirks worthy of covering at some point. Maybe I will just say that it is games and experiences like these, around a table with friends that make this hobby so incredible!