Ok, the previous site didn’t actually die or anything, but spending a suite of hours over the last few days migrating over to the new WordPress platform feels like a rebirth of sorts. I admit I had been skating along on the Blogger platform quite happily, but with the desire to create a more awesome web experience to represent what I do – it was time for a change…

So, after a bit of indecision I decided to go with a staple of web platforms that can certainly adapt to wherever I want to go in the future = WordPress. To get myself a headstart in that I also grabbed the Wezen theme which adds some nice effects straight off the bat. There is more sysadmin type work I still need to do, but I am alive as this first post on the new platform will attest.

As part of creating the new site I made a new logo for the OINKFROG brand with the ! being the most fun piece of the design

So check out the new site with its feeds, carousels, embeds and all the bloggy bits too