I am a huge fan of the work so many talented folk put into the creative contests out there on the mighty interwebs and the winners for the 2017 Riot Creative Contest on Polycount is a superb example.

With topics running the gamut of game creation from concept design through to skins and VFX that look game ready. I am usually most taken by the Character Art section as we get to see 3d models all textured up that present not only some wonderful design thinking but heaps of skills with a suite of tools to get the 3D work up there for us. I just love Gordo’s Bard Chick Magnet as an example of this ‘complete package’ submission. Being able to visit the thread and see some of the lead-up work as well is all part of my admiration for the craft and the lure for me to really get into it. Michael’s Leona is worth checking toooo.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised but perhaps my favourite category this time around was actually the VFX work. Every one of these I just cant help but watch over and over as they show off their craft using a variety of engines. This inspired me to have a real look at how on earth this is all done with wizardry of layered textures, cards and meshes all animated and warped through zany UVs to come together in dazzling displays of light and colour. Check out this work by Etienne, Matt and Yanni

There are several more categories, that you should check out, but I will leave off this droolpost with some Illustration pieces – essentially splash art for some of these groovy champs. All hail Nikita, Alexandra and Tinh: