I hadnt done much in Unity for quite a while and the GoogleVR tools are getting better all the time. So I dived in and worked through the Udacity VR intro course – to get more exposure to both their learning platform as well as the fun of VR and Unity.

The projects in the course go quite quickly, leaping through concepts and examples – like many of these things, to really learn the stuff we need to look at extra materials or do our own other projects etc. The images here are from some of the larger project assignments (one for an apartment and another for a more interactive maze environment).

I like UE4 lots as well, but it has been fun leaping about in Unity both the interface as well as all the C# scripts to make it all go. Like all creative/dev things there is a mixture of joy and frustration all mixed together.

There are a few projects in the wings that are likely be Unityish, so it feels good to be creating in it and actually getting things out, even if the assignments had pointers and starting points for things.