I splurged out on a beasty yet beautiful Razer Blade Pro late last year with the intent of using it as a catalyst for more 3D creative work as well as gaming when time allowed. Here is the machine sitting on my work desk (not really setup ideally) – brought it in to do some more Unity work and UE4 tutes.

So, what do I think of the RBP machine almost 2 month along now:

  • Design and Styling > This is a superbly pretty machine, it is clean and refined in much the same way as the classy gear from Microsoft and Apple. We have a chiselled black body which is so understated for a gaming machine that it really does stand out. Yes the keys are all glowy but it otherwise looks like just a cool machine. That said it is well and truly in the 17″ laptop category, it is very thin and pretty light for this scale of device which is appealing. That said you shouldnt confuse this for a super-portable device – it is just more portable than other machines sporting this much firepower hidden within. Check their site to see more of how pretty it is: https://www2.razerzone.com/au-en/gaming-systems/razer-blade-pro
  • Grunt and Performance > One of the key reasons to grab a machine like this is the performance. Wielding specs like these doesn’t leave you wanting for much [Overclocked i7-7820HK, 32GB 2667Mhz DDR4, 1TB SSD RAID 0 (2x 512GB PCIE M.2 SSD), 17.3inch THX Certified 4K UHD G-Sync with Touch, Geforce GTX 1080-8GB, Killer DoubleShot Pro (E2500 GBLAN, Wireless AC 1535, BT4.1, HDCAM, Thunderbolt 3, 3.49kg, Win10 Home, Ultra Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Powered by Razer Chroma] It is certainly a treat being able to run things in 4K on Ultra – they just look so so pretty. I dont always run things that high, but the hardware certainly takes on gaming with no problem at all. With other tasks it is coping super well with a suite of applications running like a charm from Unity and UE4 to 3dsMax, zBrush and the Adobe suite.
  • Heating and Cooling > One of the things that all gaming laptops need to handle is HEAT, Razer may well have put some serious R&D into the cooling system hidden inside this slim body – but that is still far from enough to keep things cool. I run the machine propped up to get more air underneath and even run a fan beside me to help with that airflow. The laptop has only the two teensie fans, which compared to its larger cousins from other manufacturers is nothing. Sooo it DOES GET HOT! Hot enough to make the keyboard hard to use and several areas of the laptop too hot to touch. My measures (props and fans) are working though…
  • Screen, Speakers and Keyboard > The 4K screen is pretty nice, though I do adjust the settings on it for different things to get colours that I like. It is big and bright and just so nice to use for everything that I often ignore my external screen. The speakers are actually really good – use them lots when I don’t have my fancy wireless Razer headset on. The groovy mechanical keyboard takes a little getting used to – but it is really nice to use. I freely admit that my gaming skills are so awful that the added benefit that a mechanical keyboard might bring is completely lost on me. Oh there is also the mousepad – which is off to the right hand side of the keyboard. This definitely takes some learning, your hands just move to the middle below the spacebar automatically (plus sorry you left handers).
  • Ports and More > There is a good array of ports around the machine, though having things like HDMI and USBC on the right hand side does feel a bit annoying with my mouse on that side as well. Warranty is one thing that I haven’t tested yet, but it is a return to base kind of deal and that acts as a big deterrent for actually getting things fixed. For example I have the TOUCH on the screen turned off at the moment as I had a few times where it was going off all on its own – not worth the effort to send it away for that fix…
  • Thoughts and Recommendations > Ok, so if you just scrolled past all of that to here, what do I think. First up, I do really like this machine – it is overflowing with style and grunt and I am a proud owner of this beastie. That said it has a litany of real issues which are worth calling out: Really Expensive; Gets very hot under gaming load; No onsite warranty; Very noisy fans while gaming; Touch-screen issue etc. So where does that leave us – I do recommend the machine, but in this space the machines from Alienware and particularly Metabox are worth a close look if you are shopping!
So, what about this Wallpaper business then? I did this Pool Party Tahm Kench design in 2016 and it made me happy seeing it again – so I made some changes/fixes to get it to a Wallpaper for the machine 🙂
Tahm Kench is one of the champions from League of Legends (for those not in the know).
Here is the actual image if you would like a sunburnt river god on your desktop too…