I am talking with my sister and nephew about their book idea – so I did this quirky little pic of a Dragonsnail as sort of concept art idea of a character that might slot into the text part – maybe around headings etc… The pic was a relatively simple affair done in Photoshop using my Wacom Intuos Pro connected to my nice new Razer Blade Pro. Going back to drawing in a different spot to where I am looking definitely took some re-getting used to. This relatively simple pic did take me longer than I wanted, but it’s a cute little character that I was trying to keep gender neutral.

Some of the sketch layers for she/he were more complex, with much more intricate dragony features etc, but it was looking too serious and not cartoony enough – so I paired it back to here with simpler rounder shapes and a clean silhouette. I have a fairly dark and saturated background because the photos that the rest of the book will have the character might sit above, at least partially – so I wanted something that might actually be lighter than the backdrop – have to test that later. The idea of the characters even hiding in the photos came up – does she/he look stealthy??