One of the fun things for me with the tabletop RPG hobby is drawing characters, scenes, NPCs, maps and such from our games. Since every one of these is unique to each game, there is something fun about fleshing them out visually.

There are plenty of examples of my stuff all over this blog, so I thought I would highlight a few pieces from talented artists out there.

This post was actually inspired by this piece by Shalizeh for Critical Role showing Percy and Vex. The characters are full of real life and the lighting is just superb.

Diving into DeviantArt and looking for ‘Duneons and Dragons Characters’ characters reveals a plethora of talented people who have put their time into their characters or commissions for other people. Plus all the streamed tabletop RPGs have illustrations of their characters available which is awesome.

So the risk of this post being just an enormous gallery is too high, thus how about I just show off the work of only a few.

First one more from Shalizeh of some younger Critical Role characters:

Now a couple of character commissions MeoMai:

Now a couple of D&D character commissions by dinmoney:

Let’s finish with some incredible pieces by noiprox, how amazing must it be to play these characters with a portrait like this for yourself and everyone else to see!

Congrats to the artists showcased here, hopefully more work and fame comes your way!