I had a desire to draw up a skin concept for League of Legends today. Not having any particular place to start I thought about the skin sets and decided on something for the Pool Party suite – esp as it is insanely hot here at the moment. Next step was to pick a champion and since Tahm Kench is one of my favourites I jotted down a few ideas for him. Relatively quickly the idea of him having ice creams and licking them with his huge tongue felt good, then I had the idea of him being sunburnt a real ‘lobster’ and that felt like a nice theme that matched him pretty well. Getting sunburnt and licking ice cream should fit many people’s memories of being at the pool (or beach) and I liked how this phase of design thinking had gone, just had to realise it in an image.

So into SketchBookPro I went on my SurfaceBook with the idea that this first drawing should just be a concept image, one that conveyed the idea instantly but it needn’t be a fully realised skin or anything just yet. I spent a bit of time on rough pencils trying to get the overall shape feeling Kenchy and the pieces in place like the ice cream cones as well as a place in the silhouette for his signature tongue. Then came some quick inks, which I always seem to have to tidy up, so it takes me much longer than it really should. Lastly all the colour, trying to keep it very bright and summerish – esp for his sunburnt lobster skin. Oh and a quick design for his acquired taste in-game icon too…

(I did have to go back and fix up his hands after I had accidentally given him one too many fingers on each hand – oops)

The next level of design would probably incorporate a few more elements in the details, perhaps a ring on his tentacle moustache and a pattern on his board-shorts. Anyhow I am happy with this version anyhow, so here he is…

Pool Party Tahm Kench Skin Concept for League of Legends
“Lobster sunburn, ice cream and not a care in the world”
slightly updated image with a few additions like nicer shorts and the ring