I am not sure why I drew this, it just sort of fell into existence while I was doodling on my machine. So I neatened it up a little and made it into a little cartoon of sorts. So here is a squat unimpressed little Batman!


I guess I could write something at the end of this midget post about the Batman vs Superman movie I finally got to see recently (the extended blu-ray version). There are lots of pieces of the whole that are quite fun and could be really cool. I didn’t think the whole hung together at all well though – it is like 20 trailers all cut together from different movies to try and make it into one. There are characters, ideas, shots, sequences and more that each could have been really awesome if they were fleshed out – alas the movie just flits onto the next thing and thus leaves everything unresolved and left wanting…

The gallery shows how stunning the visuals are – good inspiration for many an RPG could come from any one of these pics: http://batmanvsuperman.dccomics.com/gallery.php
And it does make for an epic trailer: