I really like the character, party and world creation parts of games using systems like FATE. With our Fallen London inspired game starting we are in the throws of forging characters that will crew our ironclad-like boat through the Zea. Our ‘party’ are the officers of the ship which will hopefully include some interesting NPCs as well on our hunt for the Sunlight Well.

Here are some pics of the prototype suit that Joe wears and has a ‘close’ relationship with. Plus some other concept sketches to go with those in earlier posts. Then there is the current FATE build for him which will come together hopefully before the first adventure session.

Joe Smithereens

(work in progress)


Munitionist in the Suit (concept)
Smithereens Co needs saving (Gunnery Officer)
FightTime = ShowTime (Dangerous)
Vicky is Precious to Me (The Suit)
I have the Red Temptress’ Sunlight (Omega)


Smithereens Engineering is in serious trouble.
Joe’s father was working on plans for a combat suit.
An industrial Accident claimed his life along with employees and other relatives.
Joe has a real talent for working with explosives and power sources.
He designs a sunlight power core for the suit.
The company is failing and in great debt to bad and powerful people.
The suit could save everything if only they had the sunlight.
Joe’s kid brother is approached by the Red Temptress (devil).
She offers him the sunlight for his soul.
Joe is mighty upset but the devil is gone.
He chooses to use the sunlight to complete the suit first – save the family then Corki.
A few failed experiments later and most of the sunlight is gone.
Can’t demonstrate all the capabilities of the suit, need lots more sunlight for that.
Looking for a source of sunlight he is approached to work on the The Fallen Star.
Intent is to find enough sunlight to showcase the suit to save the family business.
Intent is then to buy back Corki’s soul or get it back by force using this power.
What if using the suit takes him further from his goal of getting Corki’s soul back?
What if this mission won’t accomplish this aim either?
How far will he go to get Corki’s soul?

Gentleman’s 3 Piece Armada Suit – Prototype (Vicky)

Function: Mechanised Combat Suit
Flaw: Experimental Prototype
__Hmm I thought I fixed that
__I havent tested this yet, but let’s give it a go
__Well I had to make do with what I could find
__Oooh that is getting a big hot
__I am sure it will stop doing that in a sec
__No, it isnt designed to do that, but it doesn’t seem dangerous
_Honourable Yet Imposing Visage
_Hydraulic Armour
__Ironclad Plate
__Blazing Shield ***
__Duelling Shooter
__Barrage Cannon ***
__Queensbury Hammer
__Incendiary Piledriver ***
_Bits & Bobs
__Search Light
__Smoke Venter
__Air Filter
__Broadcast Speaker
__Floatation Bladder
_Q Division (experimental buttons – single use, assuming they are connected)
__Detonate In 3 2 1 … ***
__I’m A Rocket ***
__Eject ***
__Seal Me In ***
__Flamer ***
__Unleash the Sun ***
*** Wonky or Untested Features
__Uses up stored Sunlight
__Will result in some definite complication

Now to work out the mechanical effects, Weapon 2, Armour 2 etc