Our epic conclusion session in our Tremulus (mod of Apocalypse World) game was last week and there was much drama and doom to be had by all. I wish I (or someone) had the energy to write up each session in some way as the stories that unfolded are quite amazing.

Short campaigns of Lovecraftian inspired investigation of doom are fraught with perils for the characters both physically, psychologically and emotionally in our case. We would often discuss the relative chances of the various characters surviving the ordeal as the risks slowly escalated. With the ‘other world’ getting closer, the vengeful living oil, and the war between the magical secret societies – there was no place to hide.
This story all went down in Grangemouth, Scotland in 1920 where William Withers (my character) came as an army veteran where he lost his arm in a mysterious incident in the jungles of Malaysia that wiped out his unit. The final session saw him ‘riding’ the hunter beast from the other world – well more half impaled as it raced back to its obelisk. This is where the titanic battle was raging all around the rest of the characters, Will was certainly showing up, using his battle prowess to ram the beast into the stone taking him out along with the main magical threat.
What followed was a rather gruesome ritual which ended with his name being written on the obelisk and him transforming into the new hunter before the two worlds parted. So he ended the game living out his new role as the other worlds hunter, leaving the other characters dead, traumatised or taking on a new life in the normal world.
I would have liked to have a few more conversations in-game with my character’s brother, but he did have a pretty eventful time. Another super game that was chock full of dramatic, doomish, twisted, horrific and uplifting moments.

Here are some sketches I did (on paper) while playing mostly of William Withers himself. The main sketch was near the end as he carried the bloody and unconscious body of another PC to the hospital only to be attacked by the hunter drawn by the blood. Good thing he could fight it with the ancient arrow and his mystical arm.