Our new 13th Age campaign is one session old now, with our characters having got through their first fight in the first room of the vast Stone Thief living dungeon. After our recent Tremulus game we decided on a lighter game and some fun characters in a fantasy romp.

Here is the group, and a pretty quirky group of adventurers it is too (L-R):

Human monk cursed to be a gorilla when caught trying to steal the temple’s golden bananas

Burly Dwarf-Forged Sorcerer-bot destined to save the 14th Age

Petalate Seal Maiden of the Order of the Wild Rose (healer cleric) carrying the child of the High Druid (my character)

The Beast
Experimental weapon created by an alliance of the Archmage and the High Druid, now escaped and able to transform into different animals, likes dire-bear form (druid)

Wood Elf Paladin with a determination to see the end of the Stone Thief!

The pic was all done on the Surface Pro 3 in Photoshop – starting with a quick pencil layer then lots of hours spent doing my version of inking. This took me way too many hours, I need to find a faster way to get this sort of effect, esp when I am not confident with the lines. I will work on the colouring next and repost with some WIP pics as well another time.