It was a relief to get all the work done for our little group’s final design project, the design for the Lost Children’s Place – a park of healing and well-being for the adult survivors of child abuse. Here is the video that walks through the project from start to finish. This is our grad project which is part of the Masters of Design here at UNWS Art & Design, though I am taking the course to complete my Masters of Digital Media.

The project got such a good response from people who identified with or empathised with the scale and seriousness of the issue and the design we crafted as a response. Taking the notion of ‘designing for change’ with a suite of research and inspiration we have a scheme that would deliver an uplifting experiential park in Sydney’s Domain.

You can see these images in the video as well, but I thought it would be nice to see a few of them again as they were quite fun to create. They were all done on the SurfacePro3 using Photoshop with just some quick sketching, simple inking and washy colouring.

More to come on the other components and the Exhibition as well.