I really loved Mad Max Fury Road in the cinema and while it was still fun at home on BluRay it lacked some of the grandeur of the giant screen. What a fascinating film it is, such a simple plot that is a few hours of incredible car chase with moments of emotional or expositional breathing space slotted in – yet it works oh so well. The cinematics, stunts, colour, music – just a wonderful piece of action and emotion on the big screen.

We actually had Peter Pound, one of the principle artists, in to do a guest lecture for one of the courses here at UNSW Built Environment recently. It was great to not only see the original drawings but to get a better glimpse behind the scenes. As he works principally using traditional media, each revision of the design for say the War Rig was a new drawing – and a beautiful drawing at that.

Peter Pound Concept Piece

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After watching again I am a little more inspired to try the Apocalypse World game in its original setting – the book is superb. Would give us as players a chance to delve deeply into our own version of this style of world, to see how humanity and individuals might deal with such the hardships of such a time…