Working away on a slew of design concepts for the MDM project covering all aspects of our park from building facades and shading elements to lights and key features. One of our ideas is the ritual zone with have people tying blue ribbons to special flowing frames to create a flowing wall of blue. At some intervals these ribbons will be collected (before they get ratty), cleaned and then cut to form the stuffing for toys and cushions that will be available in our on-site shop.

So here is the concept sketch for the toys and cushions ‘filled with healing and hope’.

I like how cute the sketch turned out, was done with pencil on paper first and scanned in. Then I did some ‘inking’ using the SurfacePro3 to give it punch but lost the subtlety of the shading. So I went back with our ‘brand blue’ using large brushes with a filter applied to get this result.
We will probably use this effect for all the concepts now so in the final report it all hangs together nicely. Here is that pencil sketch if anyone is wondering which I still like – things look cuddlier.

I am hoping people can tell that there is a cushion (with stylised waves/ripples) a koala, a platypus and a spider – nice stylised Australian animals all.

Plus the Tremulus game continues and I did this quick sketch of William’s missing arm lifting the ancient arrow we found in the ‘other world’…

Oh and League of Legends Worlds is on and is hugely dramatic, exciting and is great to have in the background while working on things!