Update on the Masters project as we gear up for the week 8 presentations starting tonight. It has been great working in our little group on our evolving concept for the design of a park for the adult survivors of child abuse, Lost Children’s Park. The week 4 post covered the proposal, this week is about the concepts and design development.

One again we created a video for our presentation which allows all the tutors to see it as well as anyone else we need to bring up to speed or explain things to. The video is pretty self contained, but if you after more of the pitch then watch the first video then go on to this one:

We have a rich suite of precedents and a set of ideas relating to waves and ripples that are coming together in the design. The 100 page supporting doc is overflowing with research and design explorations including pics of the sand model and many many sketches.

For some reason I did many sketches on paper for this phase rather than the SurfacePro, maybe being outside for some of the time was a factor but there was something therapeutic about using pencil and paper (even if I REALLY missed my undo and layers and such). Here are a few of the sketches anyhow: