Yes, somehow 4 weeks of the course have raced by already. After the class initially trended towards most people doing solo projects (including myself) to a few weeks later where almost everyone is in a group of 2 or 3 people. My group (Creative Brick) had 3 cool members for this first phase though we lose our artist going forward from here. I have really enjoyed being in the group, feeding off each other’s ideas, sharing the load and playing to the strengths we each bring. Our Project Proposal document was pretty cool (60 pages of research and precedents etc) and our presentation video fun and to the point.

After coming together as a group with some similar goals around adult play, experiential design and positive thinking we settled on the potentially darker topic of Child Abuse. Our aim though is a design solution that is respectful but uplifting and positive rather than heavy and morose. After some brainstorming together and on paper we took these conceptual ideas into VideoScribe to create the video below.

This 4 minute pitch intends to sell the idea, how important creating a place like this is and give some hints as to the type of solution that might come. This was my first play with Videoscribe which does much of the heavy lifting in creating a presentation like this. Specific drawings and lines I created in Illustrator first on my Surface Pro 3, using the pen not the brush to get the stroke data in as well. I had a rough idea how the whole thing might look then just started bringing in the content and the ideas looping around as I went. B added the voice over afterwards and the cool pen noises complete the picture. In the software you bring in the text or a graphic and setup the screen, and a set of parameters around transitions and timing and build it up piece by piece.

Over the weekend (how gorgeous was the weather) I took heaps of pictures of the site and was doodling away thinking of the mood I would like a place to impart. Seeing kids playing with bubbles or or drawing with chalk on the pavement or people sitting out eating their lunch or reading or listening to a busker were all good ways to generate positive memories. Despite our project being fictional, I could see it as real, from the site to our clients and the real need.

The sketches here aren’t designs for the place, but do show some of the thinking around the design being multi-sensory, being fun and characterful, being emotive and caring. You can see things like water and bubbles and nature and quirky fun in abundance.

Oh and I almost forgot, we were asked to create a personal design philosophy, a manifesto and this is the one I created. I hadn’t done this before and it was interesting to see what came out of this exercise for me. I disliked most manifestos we looked at, they present as egotistical rather than inspirational.