A little more concept sketching and thinking about the idea from yesterdays post last night. The idea of the dance studio feels a touch forced and maybe can just be a layer that is added later on (expansion, variant, stretch goal, something). Maybe the building being defended has a few things in it. Anyhow, freed from being quite so dance-centric the golems take on a more entertaining feel actually and the theme is ready to mesh with some mechanics.

Imagine that the players are drawing cards that represent components of their golems, trying to collect sets of things that actually make them effective, but due to the pressures of time each golem is sent out incomplete and broken and hopefully hilarious. Players will have means to trade cards that are randomised or ineffective in some manner adding to the fun. Maybe the golems also run on autopilot once released unless they have specific upgrades allowing the creator to adjust their moves a little in some way.

I still love the idea of having components that the player can attach to their golem that serve no function, they are just plain fun. I will need to explore at some point how the components attach, via some sort of socket or magnets and how to get that consistently modelled in 3D and printed out.

Here are some more sketches then.