Our RP gaming group is back into the thick of things in our 13th Age game as the party (plus a few NPCs) ventures forth from The Eye of the New World (see sketchy map below). I liked the area around the eye, first we found ouselves in an old crumbling city turned on its side with a waterfall sheltering all the fungaloid life within. Getting up and out we found the giant circular lake pouring out like a vast overflowing bucket. The party had a few days of relaxation up there beyond the reach of the Shadow and all our other enemies (until we realised at the bottom was a vast eye). After winding our way down the outside we ended up sailing a raft down the River Jenny where we were lured in by a mysterious black obelisk…

Anyhow, here is the pic of our current party of PCs. Not pictured but with the party currently are also Sorra (matriarchal tentacle dwarf mage), Jenny (enthusiastic young lass from the moon), Var (earth genasi and new member of the red cloak), Ulm (odd cleave mountain dwarf cartographer) and now Simon (dragonborn ranger adventurer).

So the pic features our little party:
Salar: Druidic Salamander and Lava Engineer who grew up caring for baby Dragons.
Zephyr: Air Genasi combat monk, trained in Shadow while a slave to the Storm Giants.
Jim: Moonling Bard with an arcane fascination and strong ties to The Multitude.
Thrail: Tanky Tentacle Dwarf protector from Chillhearth and founder of the Red Cloak.

Some elements you will find in the pic: Thrails leaden shield and Ferret Hammer; Zephyr’s slave chains now weapons; Salar’s dragon tooth druid staff; Jim’s rat with an eye on its back (best not to ask); lots of mushrooms, Jim’s various medals; Salar preparing his oft-cast flaming spear; Zephyr’s blackened hands from mining shadow ice; Thrail’s huge tentacle and tattoos; Zephyr’s trinkets; Jim’s musical magic prowess and Thrail’s huge red cloak.

Here is Ulm’s map of the area around The Eye (which in map form looks rather too much like a Beholder for our liking). Map of the continent coming soon as we continue South…

Plus while we are here, this was the initial sketch for the group pic, came a fair way since then and took ages. All done in Photoshop on a Surface Pro 3.