Here is an idea for a League of Legends themed scarf (it is coming up on winter here in our lovely southern hemisphere). When we were talking about scarves the other day I thought a LoL-themed one could be pretty cool and the person we were talking about happens to be a Vel’Koz and Nasus player – so here is my idea:

Yes a Nasus Q Scarf – for people that know the champion, the large number of Qs will make complete sense, plus he is pretty Egyptian as a character so the hieroglyphic representation works and the simpler form should hopefully keep the effort required to actually make the scarf bearable.

I did the initial thinking in Photoshop before switching to Excel to work at this really low res and few colours. Then brought things back into Photoshop to get the texture and such going. I quite enjoyed the challenge of doing a representation of the character with so few pixels and also with a hieroglyphic style thrown in as well.

Below is how the Nasus at each end would work (orange in different spots) with as many Qs in between to make the scarf the right length. I did wonder if the Qs could get bigger and bigger towards the middle, but that is lots more work for the maker.
As the rift is kind of green, I also made a greener version which makes for a more Aussie-supporter coloured look (green and gold) and doubtless other background colours could work as well.

Lastly here is a pic of Nasus from the LoL site for everyone who has no idea what I am talking about.

I did wonder if a Vel’Koz scarf with a Life Form Disintegration Ray running down the length of the scarf could work as well. Hell maybe #LoLscarves could become a thing…