Bioware certainly pulled out all the stops on their latest epic (hopefully no spoilers in this post to speak of).

For me, Dragon Age Inquisition was 115 hours of character development, grand story, lore and combat. I pretty much played the game with the emphasis in that order, so I would do character quests before the main story, would put both of these ahead of delving deeper into the lore and all its secondary questing with my dedication to combat coming last.
While I had lots of fun with my dwarven tempest rogue slicing through the enemy with his dual daggers, I only played on Normal which meant I could get through most combats without controlling anyone or touching my potions even (dragons being the exception).

I have posted on the game previously and it kept me entertained for over 100 hours which is great. The game probably does a wonderful job of catering to a variety of players, those who like exploring right into every zone, who like crafting, who like completing all those side quests, who like min-maxing combat, who like reading all the books and lore you find along the way, who like the whole romance side or who just want a big sweeping story. The problem is that the game presents all of these things and leaves us as players to prioritise them – thus I am left with high levels of satisfaction in some areas while feeling less inspired by others.
I think I would have enjoyed it more if there were half the zones but I had completed the story in those zones, as it was I kind of half completed each zone as I was in there for other reasons. There were strong MMO-like aspects where I collected a zillion quests which I don’t complete for people and ‘time’ wasnt a factor for them – the world just waits for me to get around to them. I loved the War Room – it made me feel that what we were doing was BIG, but then I would go out and adventure – collecting Elf-Weed, defeating a bandit, delivering letters etc.

Since I hadn’t played the other Dragon Age games (I know, how hopeless is that) there was much that didn’t have weight for me that would have for other players. I did really like exploring the main characters though, they were all more complex and more interesting than they first appeared and their quests exposed their flaws. As fun as these were, the open-world nature of them meant that their quests didn’t weave together in any way, that they didn’t lead to anything larger. I do love that there was so so so so much effort put into the writing for a game though, writing at multiple levels – huzzah!

I found it really interesting chatting to other players about the differences in how they played, the choices they made, the differences in their worlds to mine and so forth. All up it is a gorgeous game with a huge heart which tries to satisfy so many players. Here are a few screenshots of me zipping around the place having a ball, plus a video of some DLC: