Plenty of changes of late in the Unreal Engine department. First the engine is now free for everyone (no more subscription fee) with royalties only coming in after you make some $$$ from a project. This makes the engine even more approachable (and for us at the uni took all that admin away as well).

The reason for this post though is to give some serious props to Epic’s new cinematic. Here you can marvel at the lovely giant world, the lighting, the animation and the whole narrative experience brought to life by UE4.

Then comes GDC where they walked through all the tech that went into the cinematic, much of which will come into the engine for all of us soon as well. They also talked about their workflows and tech choices – very cool.

I have a queue of online courses in DigitalTutors (and the ones too maybe) to get my brain back up to speed with 3dsMax/Maya, UE4, Mudbox and even more Photoshop – get to work Graham!!