I Know I know, I still haven’t actually done the blog posts for last year’s PAXAUS, but that isn’t going to stop me from finally posting on the fun time to be had at Canberra’s Cancon. Going this year was something of a spur of the moment thing, but the nation’s capital makes that pretty simple being a simple/quick drive from Sydney and the accommodation a piece of cake.

I went with Evren and Segah who not only made my time at the con fun, but also our floating around in museums, galleries and the like. I was pretty impressed with the size of Cancon for a ‘country location’. There was one huge hall for the more wargamey parts which is where the con began. There was an endless sea of tables sporting various military sim games to Warhammer (Fantasy & 40K) X-Wing and more. It was great to see so much love going into the armies but it was the tables that stood out as a casual observer. The other big hall was where all the board game fun was to be had, it was also packed to the gills showing the success the event is enjoying. Both halls had vendors with plenty of wares and bargains to be had. I was very restrained and just picked up a print copy of FATE Accelerated.

Two of the games we played over the weekend included:
Timeline: we played this all over the place including breakfast – lots of fun.
Red Dragon Inn: clever little game of adventurers enjoying their drinking.

I think if I was a more dedicated wargamer then there is more enjoyment to be had, but saying that there was some cosplay, miniature painting, CCG tournaments and so much more. I was impressed…

The NASA Deep Space Communications Complex at Canberra I hadn’t been to before and it was superb. Not only do we get to see the titanic dishes, but the visitor’s centre has experts for us to talk to and displays covering much of NASA’s endeavours. There is something cool about seeing a piece of moon rock that was actually brought back by humans.