It is time to get this blog back up off its backside, so maybe a good way start is to take the easy way and craft an entire little post here around the sheer joy that can be had from watching the Star Wars epVII teaser.

They have managed to craft something that really invokes something exciting, we get snippets of so many little pieces that are Star Wars for us. With the music and sound effects setting things up for elements of new and old weaved together – so so good. Apart from the risk of having my expectations too high, I have loved all 6 films so far and I am sure this will be wondrous…

Anyhow, while we are here why not revel a little further. This little shot-for-shot version uses original trilogy footage to the same audio and pacing.

One of the cool things was all the fan art that sprung up scant moments after the teaser was released, here is some to inspire us further. These are from ComicsAlliance page:

But wait, lets end by including the original trailer for The Phantom Menace, maybe something for those of us who love the film, Jedi at their prime, droid armies, politics, pod racing and so much more.