I knew of the existence of the various romance options in the Bioware games, focusing as they do on strong interrelated characters and lore. That said I was surprised at how it all played out in my Dragon Age Inquisition game, I got much more than I was expecting. My slightly humourous Dwarf Inquisitor being all romantic with Cassandra was a wonderful change of pace. The flirting, transitioning into the poetry fuelled romantic date (‘courting’ as Cass refers to it) – culminating in their ‘intimate moment’ (saw more than I was expecting).
While graphically it might look a touch awkward (esp given how much taller Cassandra is), everything was fascinating to see unfold and really helped ‘flesh’ out these characters and reinforce the notion that our protagonist is very much bound into the world – builds that immersion that is so important for these types of games.

The images here show what happens when we ‘spend time together’ – arent we just so cute! Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing how all the other characters act now that The Inquisitor and the Seeker are together – no doubt it will be funny in places.

From what I know of other romance options (very little as I havent gone looking), the way these play out depends greatly on the character of the person. My little dwarf also had eyes for Scout Harding, but he was swept off his feet by Cassandra…

I am still in awe of the scope of Inquisition (70 hours in and still so much to go) with the depth of the world, the decision complexity and in the effort required to craft something so large.

Nice work Bioware.