With the cool new licensing model, top shelf graphics and editor tools and a vast community the latest Unreal Engine (UE4) from Epic Games is something I have been keen to take a look at. With a number of research and student projects picking up or switching to the engine here at UNSW Built Environment – the time is right to dive in.

The Unreal Engine went out of favour for a variety of reasons around the Faculty as we used tools like CryEngine, Unity, Lumion and such for the various uses. But UE4 was very popular amongst the graduating students of Architectural Computing in their projects and some of our industry partners are doing very cool stuff. Transitioning some of the research projects over is actively underway and it will be interesting to see where things go in 2015.

Next step after this little look is to run through some tutorials, but here are a few screenshots of me playing with sample levels which are much easier to access through the new launcher along with a marketplace of models, animations, shaders, libraries and more.

Oh and I should mention that the Architectural Visualisation here was crafted by Lasse Rode and there is a nice article on the RonenBekerman site looking at that process in some detail!