Going back in time a little for the next cover for our FATE Core supers game’s fictional comic – featuring the first appearance of Ray-X. This was all done in Photoshop on the Surface Pro 3 and I did intend to do much more extravagant versions of the heroes in the lenses with some kind of cool x-ray overlay, but this inverted sketch logic works pretty well and lets me get onto the next cover. I liked Ray-X during the game, even if he is a bit of a cowardly weasel. The heroes made a mistake of leaving the mystery girl they rescued from the mansion with her – thinking he could help solve the mystery of who she was and what was wrong with her without everyone finding out. The video shows the creation of the piece with bits sped up between 3 and 6 times (plus a few pieces chopped out where I got distracted and Chronolapse just kept grabbing)