I had a great time at the UNSW S2 Learning & Teaching Forum yesterday. Great mix of Keynote (Shirley Alexander), parallel sessions and the posters. Shirley really kicked things off with a bang, walking us through the great vision she has for UTS and its approach to learning that impacts pretty much all aspects of the uni. She talked about a vision that included all their space (huge redevelopment budget for the campus, but no new lecture theatres), learning styles, value of the on-campus experience, analytics and so much more. You can get a feel for some of the ideas on the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre as well as their Learning 2014 info.
There were a suite of parallel sessions, I was most enthused by Richard Buckland, who just never fails to lightup and inspire a room. This time he was talking specifically about building a community and the positive impact that has on course performance.

As for the posters on show, there were 22 of them set out in the room with their creators there for some conversations inspired by the work. I gave a preview of the Creativity by Design poster done by Dean Utian and myself here in UNSW Built Environment. We were looking at the positive results that come from employing tasks for students that allow for more creativity, in the presentation at one level, but preferably where creativity/design is present in the actual creation of synthesis of the product itself. I really liked the collaboration on this, from Dean and I nutting out the idea, refining the details and all the presentation development – teamwork can be very cool.

In the hall we had our poster with the supporting video playing beneath it which gives examples of the idea both from a hypothetical standpoint and from the Cinematic Space course. We primarily used Photoshop & Premiere to get the drawings, layout and video elements done. I had lotsa fun drawing the ‘characters’ first but then iterating the poster layout, message, text and impact before we even got to the video. There, creating the hypothetical example, adding the blinks and editing down all the content and extra info was a fun exercise – esp trying to keep it short while allowing enough time to read the important pieces on the day. I am keen to see how it goes down at the Universitas 21 conference later in the month…