I decided it might be cool to bring the Conductor drawing into a comic cover, add a mask (for the masquerade ball coming up in the next session) and include all the trappings that make it feel like a rel thing. Then I could craft up some variant covers for the other members of Team Vanquish all dressed up for the Gala.

This was all done in Photoshop, yes I could have created all the layout pieces in InDesign but for what it is this is more than good enough. Eras Bold ITC is the font you can see everywhere and since we are playing FATE Core – that seemed like a sane brand for our comic. Maybe a better (more detailed) ballroom background might have been nice, but this already took ages.

For the video I added ‘Victory’ from PurplePlanetMusic as a backing track (much better) and included the final piece at the end and a title at the beginning this time. Alas this is tripping the copyright tracking on youtube – thus the advert – oh well try again next time.