The family and I just finished Smallville season 10 and it is worthy of a blog post I feel. I think I will comment briefly on its relationship to our current FATE Core supers game and a few of the themes that I think are relevant.
My favourite characters from the show were Chloe and of course Lex. My character of The Conductor has lots in common with the Chloe actually, the idea that she acts with loyalty to friends and with conviction towards the greater good. Yet these very things she takes to extremes, the ends justifying highly questionable means. She manipulates and schemes and brings things together or takes them apart in order to set things ‘right’. Nigel is alot like that, he is motivated by the eternal struggle between the greatest heroes and their nemeses.
That brings me to Lex, who is awesome in many ways, but at the end (spoiler) he has a similar mentality, the idea that the hero and villain both realise their potential through their conflict. The Conductor may well fall to super-villainy if that would see the heroes become what they need to be, to overcome some greater evil.
Green Arrow, Tess and Lionel round out my faves. All have dark streaks and yet we want to keep believing in their redemption.
In our Team Vanquish game there is tension between the heroes (as all good heroic dramas should) and there has been talk of The Conductor ‘kidnapping’ Seraph and Steve and setting things up so that they find respect for each other – much like the way Chloe ‘fixed’ Oliver. Scary where the ‘line’ is for characters like this.

Complete recap video – spoiler alert – but great for a reminder of all the action and drama.

Smallville isnt the greatest drama, but it does have plenty of memorable moments and did create some fun characters. We enjoyed the 218 episode ride as a family and I really do recommend the show! For a piece of fun, here are some fan art cartoon versions of some of these great characters by Dean T Fraser: