I freely admit I am a crummy League of Legends player, I only know a few champs and dont play those very well. That said there is something wonderful about seeing the game at the level of esports and particularly the current world championships. I have been known to criticise the whole meta logic of how the lanes are played aspect of the game – but at this extreme level the structure just becomes flavour rather than rules = awesome.
I am still lost seeing all the abilities going off everywhere and only understand a small amount of the commentary, but I am still completely swept up in the action, the excitement, the emotion and all the highs and lows.

Here is the awesome promo video created for the World Championships showing off just enough of the game and these sports heroes to inspire the legion of fans and players out there. The stylised vision of the game at its players is wonderfully executed. I love that sequence in the clouds with the flashes of the champions and even the principle of the streaks of light is pretty evocative. So much style and flair along with the stirring music is a pretty nice way to kick off the Worlds.

But watching the games live is pretty sweet, they have done a great job of bringing the commentators, experts, interviews, music and graphics together with the game and the players to make the spectacle as exciting as possible. Just check out the Riot Games Twitch or Youtube channels for all the fun.

While we are here, I also like the new vid for Shurima, it is nice seeing so much going into the videos for Riot’s uber-game.