Dean Utian and I created a poster for the upcoming Learning and Teaching Forum here at UNSW. Our theme tries to explore the idea of employing more creative (design) tasks for students and the range of benefits that this brings. The idea of even allowing for more creativity in the expression or presentation of an idea or argument immediately enhances the experience for the student, their peers and the teachers. When the task is actually a creative one then everyone is more interested in all the responses and each student can engage with specific content that interests them most.

Anyhow, we have gone through a range of iterations of the poster and I actually found it quite fun to try and bring in suggestions or clarify things for people based on their interpretations or feedback. Apart from the challenge of trying to explain a concept in diagramatic form and getting more data into things while simplifying the look at the same time – the most fun part was creating the little characters on the side. The first version of them was as a doodle on the back of a handout in a meeting and it seemed like a cool way to show the levels in a way that would be SUPER FUN for a poster.
I am happy with the way the cartoony versions turned out and how the whole poster really came together. I did these drawings straight in Photoshop with enough layers that changing the colour and few other elements was easy. They were green initially, but then Dean suggested this Blue, Orange, Red set which worked out much better. The little icon-like bits that show a progression from a very constrained format to freedom were also just quick sketches in Photoshop – I do like my Photoshop!

There was a fun discussion on what this character’s name should be. I am happy for people to try and come up with things, my suggestion was Rubrik. Now we just need to work on the supporting video that will work through a few examples to illustrate the points we are making…