One of the things that Fantasy Flight doesnt give us with the X-Wing miniatures game is a storage solution. Even the starter set box doesnt hold the models we get and soon we are all looking for a way to bring these gorgeous starfighters to the table (along with an asteroid field’s worth of tokens and other bits.

There are cool foam solutions, some with inserts specifically for the game, others just using foam storage cases like the ones used for camera lenses etc. I thought some sort of tackle-box might work and then saw this post by Winchell Chung where he is using a nice 3-tier storage box from Bunnings under the Tactix brand. This unit looks great as it keeps the models horizontal during transit and the compartments can accommodate the various sized ships and components.

Alas when I went to Bunnings today they didnt have this baby anywhere to be seen, so after much indecision I wound up with some of the Tactix 2 PC Storage Box Sets. These have some decent interior adaptability with the larger boxes great for the models and the smaller ones doing a nice job of counters, cards and dice.
Everything I have fit in 2 sets quite easily (2 starters, x-wing, a-wing, falcon, tie advanced) – plenty of room in some of the sections still. The set was in the ‘storage’ section while there were other options in the toolbox section – this set doesnt show up on their website at all though…

I like that the smaller boxes will be able to sit by the table to hold counters etc and everything being transparent will make it easy to find things. I could probably use another one or maybe two to allow for some more expansions and plus separate more of the components. At least they were nice and cheap at $7 a set – though I will still have to put them in a small bag of some sort to carry them about.