I find myself sick and not feeling very super – so that means the next installment of our FATE supers game will have to wait until next week. After being inspired over the last few days by the screen captures of quality artists doing their thing in photoshop I decided to try it out as well. I chose Chronolapse for the task though there are other tools one could use. So I set about trying to make a pic that brought together the 4 characters in our game, at first I thought an action thing would be great, but then decided on more of a posed look that could sit in our fictional supers-social-media-hub called Powerbook. My character is even a Powerbook Editor and hugely knowledgeable Fanboy and would no doubt be making the Team Vanquish feed as ‘rocking’ as possible.

If it helps the characters are:
Val (Valkyrie) our specialised combat ninja sword maiden though without mutant powers (yet).
Seraph our poster-child for all things heroic and wielding the power of fire.
Steve whos passion for video games manifest through his mutation into minecraft powers.
The Conductor (Nigel) fanboy mastermind who manipulated events to bring the team together.
(plus he has his developing electro-magnetic powers and is enjoying them perhaps a little too much)

Here is the finished pic and then the video. I captured the vid in two parts and only chopped out a few bits where I was emailing etc. I found I needed to write out the video in Chronolapse as an AVI (mpeg4 codec) to get Premiere Pro to read the files properly. The MP4 files were just not working for some reason. The other piece of editing I did was to blur out my hangout chat using a titlebox adjustment layer with a blur effect added (like this). Yep, I need more practice, but it was lotsa fun trying to think about the personalities of the heroes, how we might portray them in a promo piece and then trying to execute a halfway decent drawing. I like seeing the video – it turns into a weird thing where it doesnt feel like something I did anymore…