Our FATE Core game sees a little band of heroes battling the dark forces of Dr Von Bat, troubled teen heroes, strange cultists, SENSE agents and more.

In last weeks adventure we were following a henchmen known as Bouncer who has kinetic energy control powers but was now drunk after Valkyrie toyed with him in a biker bar called the Doughnut. I liked that it was setup in an old doughnut store that had the large torus on the roof painted black like a motorcycle tire.
Anyhow the team was ambushed as Bouncer moved through a junkyard with towers of old car bodies by a series of Weaponised OMBATs. (Maybe they were tipped off by The Conductor wanting to see his team engage with the enemy in a proper SuperFight – maybe).
Why am I talking about this, well it was just my thinking about how awesome the fight sequence that followed was from the perspective of a special effects budget. ILM would have had a ball creating swirling maelstroms of an electromagnetic storm of lightning with chunks of debris up to the size of engine blocks and whole cars whipping around. We had the mech-like WOMBAT suits leaping across the battlefield with their drills and sonic suppression cannons. We had Seraph and her flaming wings and even Val lining up Bouncer to smash the bots to pieces like a game of pool. Finally Apollo turned up at the end, ‘the living laser’ blasting the conductor from the sky (whose side is he on anyhow).
In my head this sequence was a wonderful example of what FATE with some groovy players and a cool GM can deliver.

I havent got a cool drawing for this, but I do have this fun scribble 🙂