First more completish game of Star Wars X-Wing over the weekend. Once again my power over the dice plucked victory from what was certain doom as my rebels used every shred of the Force at their disposal.
We played without any upgrades but had an Outer Rim Smuggler (YT-300), a Green Squadron Pilot (A-Wing) and a Red Squadron Pilot (X-Wing) vs an Academy Pilot (Tie Fighter), a Storm Squadron Pilot (Tie Advanced) and a Delta Squadron Pilot (Tie Defender). In the short game the rebels just could hit their nimbler opponents for quite a while and their x-wing fell. But then as both sides traded minor hits things were looking bleak for the rebels before the tide turned and turned quickly. In a flurry of super-accurate shooting without giving the ties a chance to defend the Defender and Advanced were blown from the sky. The little academy pilot fled but ploughed into an asteroid…

These twp photos show that final end with the Tie Fighter pursued by the rebels…
I had a great time, seeing the ships zipping around the battlefield, and seeing the differences between them already playing out even without named pilots or specific upgrades was great. Having the Star Wars music on in the background is very cool and we could even use a soundboard if we want to inject that as well (rather than our human made sound effects that is).
I liked that I got in the way of my own maneuvers, that I skipped past asteroids and managed to line things up for a shot. I think teams are the fun way to play having seen this much and it seems very suited to quick after-work skirmishes or even lunch-time dogfights.

I am really looking forward to more games now and even expanding the ship and card options when things are on sale etc. Everything is just sooo tempting and the X-Wing Wikia is a good source of info on the cards and ships and more. I will need to invest in a better way to store all the ships tokens and cards though, maybe a tackle or toolbox is the way to go. If it wasnt obvious I loved the first few goes of this little game and am really looking forward to more. Plus it really does look wonderful both on the shelf and the tabletop.

Here is the how to play video from Fantasy Flight and the stellar reviews and playthroughs from a suite of awesome web folk: